The PARKER GIRLS are here!

The PARKER GIRLS series debuts today. I’m very excited to bring you this new story about the covert operations of an elite team of women. The Parker Girls were introduced in Strangers In Paradise and originally run by crime lord Darcy Parker herself. Since her untimely ________, Tambi Baker has run the group. This series is a new story about the Parker Girls activities today and I loved making this premier issue. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Click the link to the right to get your copy of a print or digital version. While supplies last we are also offering the remaining copies of the alternate red cover, signed. Enjoy!

2022 Page Template

For Comic Artists…

Here is the page template I use to make my 11 X 17 inch original comic art. Watch my upcoming YouTube video (my channel is TerryMooreArt) on how to use this template, from lightbox to Photoshop to final layout in InDesign. And feel free to download the pdf and use the measurements for your own comics. I’m using it to make my new series Parker Girls.

A 300 dpi PDF here: 2022 Page Template

A 100 dpi JPEG here:

      Now available!