Five Years #9 Coming To You March 27

the bad news: ¬†Five Years #9 isn’t going to stores because the big shut down finally affects our distributor and the trucking companies, too.
THE GOOD NEWS: Which means we don’t have to wait for the print drop date. Five Years #9 will hit your screens in two days, Friday 27th at ComiXology. You will also be able to buy both a digital copy or print copy at our webstore. Or, buy both! More details to come… and gosh am I glad for computers right now!

Terry’s Art Lesson: How To Draw Body Types

How to Draw Body Types… by seeing what the artist sees when they look at a person or even a stick figure starting point. That’s the art lesson in today’s Studio Sunday with Robyn & Terry. We really enjoy making these videos every Sunday. If you have any questinos for us, just email them to us or send them via social media.

The Country House in SiP and Rachel Rising

The country house is an important location in both Strangers In Paradise and Rachel Rising. So much happens at this house that it became like a supporting character I grew to love and rely upon. I was there recently, standing on the front porch and it struck me how many scenes I could see from this one spot. So I made a short video.

Now available!


Baltimore Comic-Con
October 23-25
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore MD


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