Art Nouveau Portfolio On Sale Now!

The Art Nouveau Portfolio is now on sale! Six 11 X 17″ new prints on archival paper in custom folder, all signed & numbered, for $119. Print run will be limited to 650 portfolios.

US and Canada Shipping as Usual with a Hold on International Shipping

Hi everyone, this is Robyn. I want to let you know that beginning May 28 we will pause shipping orders internationally.  We will continue to ship to the US and Canada as usual. We have had great luck shipping internationally during this global crisis but it seems that some countries are taking a bit longer than we would like to deliver your orders. A typical order can now take six to eight weeks, even longer in some cases, for delivery.  The items arrive in good condition, it is just a long wait. Our hope is that these issues will be resolved in the coming weeks and we can resume shipping internationally sooner rather than later. We appreciate all of you wonderful people who order from us internationally and ask for your patience in receiving orders shipped in the past few weeks. If you have any questions you can reach me at mail@AbstractStudioComics.com. Thank you for your understanding!

p.s. We are working on a plan to make sure the limited edition Art Nouveau Portfolio is available to our international readers when it goes on sale next month. We’ve got your back!

Five Years #10, small print coming soon. Pre-Order available.

NEWS: We’re going to release a tiny print run of Five Years #10 for subscribers, & anyone who wants one really. This is for those reading the single issues who don’t want to wait months to read the final chapter. If not a subscriber, you can preorder a copy in our store now. Just CLICK HERE.

The rumor is Diamond Comics will reopen this summer and we will be able to stagger release issue 9 and 10 to the general public then. 9 is sitting in their warehouse, waiting like a rodeo bull. For the small number hooked on the singleissues, we feel you deserve 10 now, because without your monthly support the series couldn’t have happened at all.




Serial ten issue subscription now available!


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