Five Years Omnibus Update on Pre-orders

Here are your pre-orders for the Five Years Omnibus, organized by who came first. The book is in production at the printer, Marquis in Canada, so nobody overthrow Canada for the next 2 weeks until we get this book out of there. Thank you.

My Free Art Lessons on YouTube

My art lessons on YouTube are free, usually about 15-20 min each. I post a new one every Sunday. Vids start with Robyn & I chatting about comics and answering viewer questions, so we call the videos Studio Sunday. There are 62 topics to choose from so far and more to come. You can request a topic, too. Just email us your request. Here’s a screen shot of just a few of the topics available. I’m on YouTube as TerryMooreArt, same name as all my social media.

SDCC @home: My Panel

SDCC @home is happening this week. My panel is Thursday July 23 at 1:00 PM (that’s SDCC time-they have their own time zone we use to call PST). The panel is pre-recorded at my studio, during a thunder storm that I attribute to Thor coming and going in Houston. Houston is a happenin’ town, ya’ll. Just sayin’. Anyway, my panel starts off slow than the caffeine kicks in and all hell breaks loose. It clearly says on the back of your admission ticket, Terry panels are a dangerous sport, enter the stadium at your own risk. You have been warned. 😉


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