2022 Page Template

For Comic Artists…

Here is the page template I use to make my 11 X 17 inch original comic art. Watch my upcoming YouTube video (my channel is TerryMooreArt) on how to use this template, from lightbox to Photoshop to final layout in InDesign. And feel free to download the pdf and use the measurements for your own comics. I’m using it to make my new series Parker Girls.

A 300 dpi PDF here: 2022 Page Template

A 100 dpi JPEG here:

Announcing the NEW series! PARKER GIRLS

We teased it a couple of weeks ago on our YouTube program but now it’s official, I’m starting a new series titled Parker Girls. The first issue will ship in August and I couldn’t more excited! Tambi, Cherry Hammer, Becky The Gun Girl, Stephanie, Katchoo… they’ll all be in it of course, but there’s also a new girl you’ve never met and she is bad. B. A. D. Bad.

Issue one has two covers, the main one and a variant. Comic shops will receive copies of the variant according to how many main versions they order, so variant availability at your LCS will depend upon them. Readers who subscribe to the series through us will get the variant free as past of their subscription. You can subscribe here on our website beginning May 1. The subscription list will close when issue 1 ships and remain closed for the duration of the 10-issue series.

So mark your calendar: May 1: SUBSCRIBE to Parker Girls. August: GET Parker Girls #1

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For a limited time you can buy my catalog of books in digital format for $35. That’s all of Strangers In Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl and more… over $700 worth of books, for a mere $35. This offer is through Humble Bundle and expires April 28. Details at the site. Anything you choose pay over the $35 goes to Hero Initiative to help the senior comics creators who built this industry and the stories we love. Don’t miss this opportunity, and please pass the news along. I want to get the word out to anyone who has been waiting for the chance to get the entire run of my stories at an affordable price. This is as good as it gets.

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