New Comic Book Day: SERIAL 6

It’s new comic book day! Serial 6 hit the shelves today. Grab a copy at your local comic book store or order a copy direct from us at our magnificent and spacious webstore (makes broad gesture with hand). However you choose to get a copy, thank you for reading the story of Zoe tracking down a serial killer. It’s a wild ride!

Serial: The Glass Tomb here at last!

Serial: The Glass Tomb is now available on our webstore. This trade paperack collects issue 1-5 of the series and it’s a killer story! The book begins with a cliffhanger and introduces Jenny, one of the most twisted characters I’ve ever written. Jenny is a serial killer leaving a trail of bodies in her wake, collecting a souvenir from each victim and encasing it in a small glass cube… the glass tomb. She has quiet a collection. Then Jenny makes the mistake of killing a long time friend of Zoe, the diminuitive, deadly imp from Rachel Rachel. Zoe determines to find and catch the serial killer before the police do. A serial killer tracking hunting another serial killer makes for a wild ride, especially when Zoe is at the wheel!

I’m planning this as a 10 issue series. Pick up all the single issues and the first trade paperback in our store today.

2021 Sketchbook Hardcover Announcement

For those who ordered a hardcover 2021 Sketchbook, we received the shipment yesterday and found a flaw in the printing of the hardcovers. We have decided to reprint them even though this means a delay in fulfilling preorders. We are working with our printer to reprint ASAP but their backlog is enormous in these challenging times. This new printing will be signed, numbered and very limited. We ask for your patience as we work to deliver a book that you will be proud to own. If you feel uncomfortable waiting please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to refund your money.


      Now available!