After Dark… kickstarter update: 6 Days Left!

As I write this we have 6 days left to go on our Kickstarter campaign for the new art book AFTER DARK.. and we are so happy the project has been well received. We’ve passed the final stretch goal—so every book order gets every stretch goal perk we offered—and the project support continues to grow! As we enter our final week on the month-long campaign I want to thank Pat Shand for his invaluable help with our first campaign. Pat has made the experience smooth and trouble free. Pat should be on everybody’s radar, he’s a wonderful writer and I once did a cover for one of his series, Destiny,NY. Check him out.

Fun fact here: The title and cover design were Robyn’s idea. Here it from roughs to final.

Update: After Dark… kickstarter campaign

The Terry Moore After Dark… kickstarter campaign launched to great success. We were fully funded in 7 minutes and reached 100K the first day. I was beyond excited about this. It was incredible to watch it all happen live. The first three stretch goals were met, giving the book high quality paper, a ribbon bookmark, and spot gloss on the cover.  So now the book is both beautful and extremely well made. I love that.

Our next stretch goal is a gorgeous Frank Cho print of Francine and Katchoo. This is a stunning pen and ink 2-color illusrtation in Frank’s super clean style. We’d love to include this print with every order!

I’m posting daily kickstarter updates on my 3 social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow me there to get the news while it happens. And please check out the kickstarter and help us spread the news about it. Thank you!

      Now available!