Strangers In Paradise XXV TPB #2 and Series Omnibus

With the XXV series complete, you know two things are going to happen. 1) We’re going to put out a trade paperback of the last half of the series. 2) And we’re going to collect the entire series in an omnibus.

So issues 6-10 have been collected into a second TPB titled Hide And Seek. It’s 120 pages with an art gallery in the back. Hide And Seek will be in stores early March. Price is $15.99. And dare I say… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 🙂

If you’ve been Omnibus-Waiting, the time is nigh! The entire series has been collected into a 232 page book with an art gallery in the back. There are two versions coming to stores in April, a softcover and a hardcover. The covers are different so you can tell them apart.

$29.99 softcover (above)

$39.99 hardcover (above)

We also made an Abstract Studio Limited Edition Omnibus. This is not for retail, no ISBN was assigned, no price on the cover. They come with a signed and numbered bookplate and an exclusive print of Francine and Katchoo. We’ve done this for all our series so now there are folks who are collecting these special editions. Man I love that. This edition was limited to 600. Price $45. It went up for sale on our website store and sold out in 3 days. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you probably saw the commotion. I don’t know how else to reach readers, so I hope you saw it and got one if you wanted it. I’m very grateful for the support of readers who buy any of my books. If you haven’t been following me on one of those social media sites, please consider it so I can keep you up to date on things like this. Sometimes things happen so fast they come and go in one day, like sketches for sale or special offers.

$45 Limited Edition (above)

With the Omnibus wrapped up and headed to customers and stores, I’m now looking forward. Tuesday I will announce the next series, and it’s the biggest project I’ve ever taken on.

SIP XXV Series End… And A New Beginning!

Strangers In Paradise XXV issue 10 comes out tomorrow (Valentine’s Day Eve) and brings this one-year story to a frightening conclusion. I can’t say much more than that until it’s been out long enough for you to read it, but let’s just say if I fall off a cliff and don’t write the next series, you’re going to be very upset with me. Why? Because the end of SIP XXV has a terrible revelation that affects not only the SIP characters, but all my characters in all my books, aka The Terryverse! The ending begs for the story to continue, one way or another. And I’m happy to tell you—Spoiler Free—that it does. I will announce the new series next week, after everybody’s had a chance to read XXV 10 and digest the story.

So grab issue 10 this week. You have to read it to know why the next series is a mega bombshell!

When I finished issue 10 a few weeks ago, I left the next day for France. In Paris, I did some interviews at the offices of my publisher Delcourt and a wonderful public interview alongside Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) at one of those beautiful old buildings on the Seine. Then we took a train to Angouleme and I got to meet the French fans and creators face to face for three days. It was a great week, punctuated by delicious food and good times. Everybody was so kind to me and when I thought about it and looked around me I noticed it was just that way at the show… and on the streets of this little town. They allow the show to completely take over the town and I never saw a local who seemed to mind one bit.

I found some great books and decided they were so good they were worth lugging home in my backpack. Also, I was fortunate to sit for a major photographer for a portrait, my first ever by a serious pro. That’s me below, in such rare focus that I can’t hide a single flaw.

I came home from France a happy camper and immediately assembled the 2nd TPB for SIP XXV, collecting issues 6-10. Sent that to the printer. Then I made the SIP XXV Omnibus collecting the entire series with a lot of miscellaneous art. Sent that to the printer. I’ll give you the details on those books in the next blog post.

Glad to be home. Happy I was able to complete the SIP XXV series. Looking forward to starting the next series immediately. Details on that next week!


2018 Holiday Sale!

It’s that time of year when you might be thinking of doing some shopping for yourself or someone special. So we’ve decided to have a Holiday Sale!

20% off all books and merchandise!

Every order will be entered to win the page of original Strangers In Paradise art below!

I will happily sign and personalize the books you order by request!

The sale runs from Saturday Dec. 1 through Monday Dec 10!

Thank you all for a great year!

To get your discount, use coupon code HOLIDAY. The art winner will be announced Tuesday Dec. 11.

Now here is that legal line again in the smallest mice-type I can find!




SIP XXV 7 and the 2018 post-tour report

First and foremost, the NEW ISSUE is out in stores today. If you haven’t been reading the new story, it’s not too late to catch up. Support your local comic shop if you’re in an urban setting, they need your indy comix support. If you don’t have the luxury of a neighborhood LCS, SIP is immediately available to you digitally online at Comixology, or our own shop of printed copies. Don’t let anything stop you from getting your handmade indy comics, people!


That’s right, 5 stars to the 10th power. This comic is more than recommended, it’s necessary… to life, the universe and everything. I know it’s a lot of pressure, but for every door that closes the tough get going. Or something like that.

Post-Tour Report

So you know 2018 was our 25th Anniversary in comics. The first issue came out in November 1993. To mark the occasion, we brought back SIP in this new series that I hope you’re reading, we put out a collection of my best sketches and of course, the monster book from Graphitti Designs, the Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition. I love all these books. We also went to 17 conventions in the US and Canada to meet readers and get these new books in as many hands as possible. It was quite a summer, flying around the US, working the shows, running home for brief stints to draw another issue and get it to the printer before racing back to the airport. Our final show of the year was NYCC and I’m happy to say we ended the tour on a high note. We dragged our bags home tired but grateful for the unique life we live. Thank you everyone for my career and the creative life I get to lead.

I have to mention one other recent highlight. The 2018 Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook featured the work of 75 artists and their renditions of my characters from SIP. This blew my mind and left me a bit speechless the entire show as one attendee after another brought their copy by the table to be signed. I was able to meet many of the artists who contributed but not everyone. I can never thank them enough, and the organizers, for this once in a lifetime honor. I was absolutely humbled by your kindness.

If you’d like to buy a copy of this beautiful book, go here. Highly Recommended.

So, time to get back to the drawing table and issue 8. Anything I would say next is spoilers so…


The Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition: 1st Look Video Preview!

Hey folks, I have an advance copy of the Gallery Edition book! It’s a monster of a book. 240 pages, 11 X 17 inches, and filled with high-resolution color scans of the original art for Strangers In Paradise. You can see the blue lines, the under-drawings, the lettering guide lines, the mistakes, the white-out and paste-ups. It’s the next best thing to owning about a million dollars worth of original art, and this version—the retail version—only costs $125.

There is another version, the Abstract Studio exclusive, which has a different cover image and an added signature page. It costs $150.

You can pre-order this version and also get an exclusive, signed print. But the deadline for pre-orders is July 22 so hurry, time is running out! Also, the books ship in August so NO they won’t be at SDCC.

Here is a video preview of the book: Gallery Ed. Video Preview

You can pre-order your copy here: