Serial #2 is here!

The 2nd issue of Zoe’s new series is now available in our webshop. In this issue, the killer from issue 1 claims another victim… right under Zoe’s nose! Zoe knows the trail goes cold fast and she is on it, immediately tracing the killer’s path with some clever deductions. It’s predator vs predator.

HOW TO DRAW hardcover edition Pre-Order NOW

My new How To Draw book is at the printer! It’s a greatly expanded version of the 2012 original—you can see a side by side comparison in the photo below. I’ve updated every page, added 2 new chapters and redesigned the cover. I’m happy to have a chance to update this book and present it to the modern world. A lot has changed since 2012 and I now have those extra years of art and storytelling experience in the updated book.

SOFTCOVER VERSION: The softcover version is $18.99 and will be available in March on our site, at comic shops and in digital format at ComiXology.

HARDCOVER VERSION: Yes, we’re going to make a small run of hardcovers for those of you who want one (like ME for example). You can  preorder NOW, Wednesday Feb 3 —— Monday Feb 8 at midnight. We will then count the orders and give the printer the number on Tuesday, so this is a short window of opportunity. This book is an Abstract Studio exclusive and will not be available in stores. And there are differences in the cover for those in the know to appreciate. *wink* The price is $28.99 and yes that is too cheap but we love you so there you go. 🙂

Hot link: PreOrder the Hardcover.

SERIAL #1 is now available!

The first issue of Zoe’s new series is now available in our webshop! Click HERE to grab your copy before it is collected for evidence and resold on eBay for criminal prices.

Here’s the quick description of the series that will run for 10 issues in 2021:

Serial is the first issue of Terry Moore’s new series featuring Zoe, the irrepressible star of Rachel Rising and Five Years. Zoe has been ten years old for fifty years. Most of her life has been spent on the run fighting the demon that lived within her, kept her young and turned her into a serial killer. Now free of the demon, Zoe discovers her childhood friend is suspected of murdering her husband.

(There is way more than that in the first issue, but you’ll have to read it and see for yourself!)


Happy Holidays!

Robyn and I—and all the crazy people who live in my head and tell me their stories—want to wish you a wonderful holiday!