Thank You For A Great Weekend!

We’re packing and shipping the orders from our Terry Moore LIVE weekend art sale. We had a wonderful weekend and I think everyone had fun with the live streaming panels and the special incentives in the webshop. It felt like a convention weekend to me. All 100 sketches sold plus a lot of page art from the books. This photo is all the art going to USA destinations. Tomorrow we pack and ship the international orders and book orders.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the panels and picked up some art or a book. You made the weekend a wonderful success and look forward to doing this again next year in April. Which means I need to get back to sketching!

Terry Moore LIVE! is here!

It’s Terry Moore LIVE! weekend at last!. At 10 AM CST we kick off the event with an art sale featuring 100 NEW sketches. Both the folders you see here are filled with new sketches I’ve drawn and posted on my social media over the last month. Also we have tons of  original art listed for sale and many of the pages have never been offered before, so check that out! If you’re looking for that special omnibus or trade, we have them! And all order placed during this weekend’s event will be shipped FREE in the US!

I will be Live Streaming all weekend as well. Here is my schedule. Come join the 2-way chat and lets visit and talk comics!

FRIDAY 1:00 Instagram

FRIDAY 7:00 YouTube

SATURDAY: 11:00 Facebook

SATURDAY: 5:00 Instagram

Sunday: 12:00 YouTube for Live Studio Sunday

Echo: The Complete Edition is back in print!

Great news for readers who missed getting a copy the first time… we’ve finally reprinted the Echo Omnibus hardcover! To cover all bases, we also reprinted the softcover version: different covers, same interior. Pick up you copy in our webstore today!

The new reprints of ECHO, The Complete Edition

The Rachel Rising OMNIBUS is back in print!

The Rachel Rising Omnibus is back in print and now available on our webshop. The called it, “The most perfect horror comics on the shelves.” Notice they didn’t say this week, so it must to infinity and beyond. Nice!

Rachel Rising introduces Rachel, Lilith and a charming 10 year old serial killer named Zoe. Maybe you’ve heard of her. đŸ˜‰

Get your copy of this epic story in our webshop today!