Abstract Studio Con Panels

Okay, here’s my con schedule for the weekend.

Today at 2PM CST my panel is on my YouTube channel
at TerryMooreArt. Join me there for a LIVE Q&A. I will draw a sketch & GIVE IT AWAY to a viewer.

It’s time for me to give YOU something bc seriously, thank you for my career.


It’s on! Abstract Studio Con begins today at 10AM CST and runs until Sunday 5PM CST.

*All orders ship FREE within the USA!

*All books will be signed!

*Con Sketches! Original Art from every book!

You can order 1 book or 100 books and your order ships free within the USA. So now is a good time to get the big heavy books.  And I will sing all books that are ordered. You also get first crack at all my con sketches. These are usually held back for convention shows, but with ECCC cancelled, Abstract Studio Con is our show for this weekend. So it’s as if you went to the show, bought books and art and got home with them for no shipping costs… and you didn’t have to worry about price of admission, parking, hotels, or con crud! Perfect!

And just to make it official, every purchase gets a VIP Pass to prove you attended this very cool show.

I’m going to do some Live feeds and reports during the con so stay tuned about that. I’ll post on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with it. Maybe do some Live Q&A.

So welcome to Abstract Studio Con. Browse, look around the “floor” (shop), pick up some goodies and join me in some Live time stuff this weekend. Have fun!

2020 Here we go!

We’re off to C2E2 this weekend for the first convention of the 2020 season. As usual, Robyn is totally ready and I still need to go pack. But I am prepared with a folder full of sketch art. I managed to draw about 30 new pieces. I’ve been posting them on my social media accounts but I’ll attached a few samples below. BTW, you can find me at “TerryMooreArt” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In book news, Five Years #8 is out on the stands. Lilith makes a powerful entrance into the series and Zoe encounters a couple of big mean intimidating guards. Oh so scary… for them. 😉

At the show this weekend we will have the Five Years: Fire In The Sky trade paperpack, the new 2020 Sketchbook, and the giant of all books the Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition. Plus the omnibuses of Rachel Rising, Echo, Motor Girl, and Strangers In Paradise XXV, new lapel pins of Francine and Katchoo and much more. I hope to see you there!