PreOrder the SERIAL Omnibus —Limited Edition

The Limited Edition SERIAL Omnibus is now available for preorders. Only 650 copies and a signed print with each one. If you have been waiting for the Omnibus to read this story, trust me, you’re in for a helluva ride! If you’ve been reading and enjoying Zoe’s adventures each month, then you will want this definitive collection to add to your shelf, next to the Rachel Rising Omnibus! Possessing the Omnibus keeps you on Lilith’s good side. 🙂

The Omnibus ships in March unless Jenni finds me first!

Here’s your link:


Thank You For A Great Weekend!

We’re packing and shipping the orders from our Terry Moore LIVE weekend art sale. We had a wonderful weekend and I think everyone had fun with the live streaming panels and the special incentives in the webshop. It felt like a convention weekend to me. All 100 sketches sold plus a lot of page art from the books. This photo is all the art going to USA destinations. Tomorrow we pack and ship the international orders and book orders.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the panels and picked up some art or a book. You made the weekend a wonderful success and look forward to doing this again next year in April. Which means I need to get back to sketching!