I finished issue 7 of Five Years last night and sent it off to the printer. (We use Brenner Printing in San Antonio, TX for all our single issues and they have been fantastic to work with over the years, always prompt and accomodating, AND they get the books to Diamond for me. That alone is a huge contribution. So I highly recommend them to you if you’re an indy cartoonist looking for a printer.) So this issue is real now and scheduled to hit the stands January 8, 2020. Here’s your TV Listing teaser:

“Katchoo arrives in freezing Moscow to find the welcome mat is six floors down. But the falling snow reveals an old friend who helps Katchoo back to her feet.”

Three guesses who the old friend is. 🙂

YOUTube TerryMooreArt Channel

Have you been following our YouTube channel? We’ve posted drawing timelapse vids and a thing we call Studio Sunday where Robyn asks me questions sent in by people and I answer them on the spot. Some of the questions are tough! Visit the channel and hit SUBSCRIBE to get a notice when new videos are up. Hitting LIKE also helps us build the program. Check out the YouTube TerryMooreArt channel at:

2020 Convention Schedule:

Robyn has a list of confirmed conventions dates for next year. This list is likely to expand as some shows are still being discussed but here’s what we have so far…       uhmm, look to the right. And there they are. I just wanted to point that out in case you missed it. Watch Upcoming Appearances for updates.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 2019 has been an incredible year in many ways and I am extremely grateful for the privilege to continue doing what I love. You make that possible. Thank you.