The Strangers in Paradise Omnibus began life as three hardcover books in a slipcase in 2009. The entire story was collected in two 1,024 page books while all the covers and assorted pinups were collected in a third book, the Cover Gallery. The print run was limited to 1250 copies and they all sold before most people even knew it existed. Before the year was over copies of this mythical unicorn were selling on eBay for way too much money. Ever since then the number one request we hear is from readers is to bring that hardcover back into print. So we have!

This is a new printing of the exact same book we issued in 2009. The only way to tell them apart will be the legal indicia inside, and the color of the book numbers on the spine was changed from red to blue. That’s it. Every page and image is identical to the original because it was just perfect. We’re very proud of this definitive edition and this is the book I recommend to read the series.

The SIP HC Omnibus ships in November, but I recommend you preorder your copy now to insure you get one. Ordering from us directly gets you some nice perks like signatures and an exclusive print, personal attention to your order, and those always priceless bragging rights as first on your block to have it. This book will be offered to retail stores after the preorders ship, but a wait-and-see approach isn’t advised for this 12 pound beast, it has a reputation. 😉

I’ll post more behind the scenes details soon. Meanwhile, to preorder your copy now, click this link.