Today we put over 70 pages of original art in the shop, all are handpicked and represent some of the more memorable scene from Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and Rachel Rising. I can look at almost every page and remember what I was thinking that day, sometimes I even remember what music I was listening to while I drew it. So I have a connection with my pages. I liked selling them because I want them to be spread out into the world—they will survive longer that way and each can develop a personal legacy of its own. I think it’s not wise for an artist to hoard his art. You risk studio fires or fits of ill-conceived purging. So, off they go like cute puppies, looking for loving homes. Each page has its own personality—like this (below) tender reunion scene from Echo, or the dreamy moments of Freddie from SIP, or a little girl’s pleasant chat with the devil from Rachel Rising. I hope you will find one you can bond with and take home. It’s free to look and see the pages as I do, in their raw 12 X 17″ form with pencil lines and blue lines and paste-over revisions. Each page is a construction site that added up to make a beautiful structure. I love ’em. I hope you do, too.



You may have noticed AbstractStudioComics.com has been under renovation the last couple of months. The previous site was built in the 1990s, and though it worked like a champ, it was time for technical and visual updating. We scheduled the work to begin earlier this year upon the completion of my last series, Rachel Rising. Fast forward to November and we’re back online as we begin the new series Motor Girl. How perfect is that?

With the passing this summer of our longtime friend and webmistress Maida, we enlisted the expertise of Christina Tervay to build a new site on our familiar URL. Now it will be easier than ever for you to browse and find what you’re looking for. Everything we have available through Abstract Studio will be listed on this site, including an extensive catalog of original art. It will take a little time to get everything posted and in place, but you will find the web store already open and waiting with books, T-shirts, prints, sketchbooks and more.

As for me, I have long wanted to get my blog page and website together in one place and now they are. At last I have somewhere to post all the latest news and updates without worrying about character limits and promotion algorithms. I’m keeping my social media accounts, of course—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—but I’m looking forward to making this blog my internet home base. When you really want to know what’s going on, the stories behind the stories and the exclusive sneak peeks and special offers… check here first.

So, let me begin with the news of, literally, today… I completed Motor Girl #2 this morning and sent it to the printer. It will hit the stands mid-December. As soon as I can confirm the date, I’ll post that information here. Meanwhile, issue 1 has sold out! We’re going to reprint it ASAP in order to fill the reorders from stores. You will know the reprint on sight by the different color of the logo. First print logo is blue, 2nd print logo is red. Everything else in the book is the same. See the side-by-side comparison below.


Thank you, everybody, for your unbelievable support! Thank you for reading my books and loving my characters as much as I do. This year has been a challenge for us all, so the Abstract Studio team is totally focused on making the future wonderful starting with this website and the comics we make. Somebody once said, “Without love, we’re nothing more than strangers in paradise.” It’s never been more true.


1st Print SOLD OUT!

2nd Print Coming Soon!

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