Zen Hulk

Reposting this Zen Hulk drawing because you may need it during these tense times. Print it out and pin it beside whatever you like to smash daily, like a TV or work computer or that fax machine you wish would die.


Motor Girl 5 cover art

Here’s the cover art to Motor Cover #5. And then the color version by master colorist Steve Hamaker. I LOVE how this one turned out! I can see my Japanese and European comics influences in the art and layout. Can you?

This beauty should hit the stands early April.


2017 Conventions

Here are the dates we have so far for 2017. I can’t wait!

March 31 — April 2   Dallas Fan Expo

April 21-23   Chicago C2E2

May 27-30   Munich ComicFest (finally a return trip to Germany!)

July 19-23   San Diego ComicCon

Sept 30   Canton, Ohio’s Hall Of Fame City ComicCon

October… we’re hoping to add an east coast show but we don’t yet have confirmation.

And, here are a couple of nice graphics I saw while checking on the sites:

Black Friday Brush Sale


The brush sale this morning went down like the Black Friday Sale on South Park. A crowd hit the site early before the brushes were to go live at 10 AM, and froze it up. People showing up at 10 couldn’t get on the site, the yelling started, we scrambled to contact the site host Westhost, bodies kept stacking up at the site wanting in and there was nothing we could do to help them. Westhost turned out to be no help so we were considering moving the sale to eBay when orders started showing up, which meant people were getting in one at a time, so we stuck with it and here’s where the most heartbreaking thing occurred: we had the sale limited to 30 units, but instead of limiting transactions to 30 carts, the limiter was apparently on the checkout register. Maybe that’s how it always works, I don’t know. But when there’s a run on something like this, the people managed to get an order in a cart but then they were waiting with their cart for a half hour or more as other people slowly checked out one at a time through an intermittent register. When the register hit 30 sales, it left a lot of waiting carts in line and they arrived at the register to find the product was sold out. It was awful! 

Most people were understanding and good natured about it —Bless you!— but it was understandably frustrating for everybody. So my most sincere apologies for what turned out to be a scheduled web riot. If you got a brush, you are damn lucky. If you didn’t, I’m sorry. I’ll try to offer something very cool for you soon. And I won’t try another sale on our site until I’ve upgraded the server. I think my current package must be dial-up connected to an Apple iiC. Thanks Westhost, we’re all very impressed.


And it goes without saying, I’m blown away by your support. Thank you!

30 For 30 Brush Sale

I’ve used only 30 brushes to ink every page of comics I’ve ever made. How do I know that? Because I saved the brushes. Since the first page of Strangers In Paradise, I’ve inked with a #0, 1, or 2 watercolor brush, either Windsor-Newton or Raphael. One brush would last about a year, which comes to 30 brushes for 24 years, so far. And here they are:

One of these brushes inked the first issue of Strangers In Paradise, another inked the last issue 14 years later. One of them inked Rachel rising from the grave, another inked Annie flying over the desert in her Phi suit. And, one of these brushes even inked the first two issues of Motor Girl. if you’ve ever read one of my books, it was inked by one or more of these brushes. These brushes inked Katchoo and Francine and Julie and Rachel and everybody else in the Terryverse. Now I’ve decided these little creative pals shouldn’t be retired to a box in my studio, they should be with readers who appreciate what they’ve made, and they should be available to anyone who wants one at an affordable price. So I signed and numbered the brushes, 1 through 30, and made a Certificate Of Authenticity, and a little video to explain the idea and let you know this is all for real.  Tomorrow, Jan 7, we’ll post the brushes for sale. Price is $30 each. First come first serve. The first order will get brush #1 and so on. Good luck and, if you decide to adopt one, give it a nice home because it did something wonderful in its past. These things have very good karma!

Here’s the video explaining it in full.

A word about shipping: Each brush will be attached to its Certificate of Authenticity and sealed in a comic bag and board and extra boards will be added on either side. Will ship in a sturdy USPS cardboard envelope.

30 For 30 Is Coming Soon

Today’s mystery: I have 30 ____ I have signed and numbered and will offer for sale soon at $30 each. “30 For 30”. Can you guess what they are?

Clue: You can see one in my header.

Happy New Year 2017

If you can read this, you survived 2016 and that’s saying something. Happy New Year!

2017 is all about Motor Girl, which is good because I’m really enjoying the lives of Sam and Libby and the wild life around them. Who would ever have thought so much life happens in the desert?

We do have a few trips confirmed already and I’ll post the schedule in the next few weeks. this past year was a lot of traveling, even for us, so I’m happy to be home for the next few weeks and watch the sunsets from my studio window. It’s hard to write when real life demands all your attention. I need the quiet days to let my mind wander and hang out with imaginary friends.

So, I’ll do my best to write and draw the best stories possible this year. I’m very grateful for my career in comics and I have you to thank for it. So, thank you and have a wonderful 2017!



Today we put over 70 pages of original art in the shop, all are handpicked and represent some of the more memorable scene from Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and Rachel Rising. I can look at almost every page and remember what I was thinking that day, sometimes I even remember what music I was listening to while I drew it. So I have a connection with my pages. I liked selling them because I want them to be spread out into the world—they will survive longer that way and each can develop a personal legacy of its own. I think it’s not wise for an artist to hoard his art. You risk studio fires or fits of ill-conceived purging. So, off they go like cute puppies, looking for loving homes. Each page has its own personality—like this (below) tender reunion scene from Echo, or the dreamy moments of Freddie from SIP, or a little girl’s pleasant chat with the devil from Rachel Rising. I hope you will find one you can bond with and take home. It’s free to look and see the pages as I do, in their raw 12 X 17″ form with pencil lines and blue lines and paste-over revisions. Each page is a construction site that added up to make a beautiful structure. I love ’em. I hope you do, too.



You may have noticed AbstractStudioComics.com has been under renovation the last couple of months. The previous site was built in the 1990s, and though it worked like a champ, it was time for technical and visual updating. We scheduled the work to begin earlier this year upon the completion of my last series, Rachel Rising. Fast forward to November and we’re back online as we begin the new series Motor Girl. How perfect is that?

With the passing this summer of our longtime friend and webmistress Maida, we enlisted the expertise of Christina Tervay to build a new site on our familiar URL. Now it will be easier than ever for you to browse and find what you’re looking for. Everything we have available through Abstract Studio will be listed on this site, including an extensive catalog of original art. It will take a little time to get everything posted and in place, but you will find the web store already open and waiting with books, T-shirts, prints, sketchbooks and more.

As for me, I have long wanted to get my blog page and website together in one place and now they are. At last I have somewhere to post all the latest news and updates without worrying about character limits and promotion algorithms. I’m keeping my social media accounts, of course—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—but I’m looking forward to making this blog my internet home base. When you really want to know what’s going on, the stories behind the stories and the exclusive sneak peeks and special offers… check here first.

So, let me begin with the news of, literally, today… I completed Motor Girl #2 this morning and sent it to the printer. It will hit the stands mid-December. As soon as I can confirm the date, I’ll post that information here. Meanwhile, issue 1 has sold out! We’re going to reprint it ASAP in order to fill the reorders from stores. You will know the reprint on sight by the different color of the logo. First print logo is blue, 2nd print logo is red. Everything else in the book is the same. See the side-by-side comparison below.


Thank you, everybody, for your unbelievable support! Thank you for reading my books and loving my characters as much as I do. This year has been a challenge for us all, so the Abstract Studio team is totally focused on making the future wonderful starting with this website and the comics we make. Somebody once said, “Without love, we’re nothing more than strangers in paradise.” It’s never been more true.


Available January 18th!

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