We’re launching our first Kickstarter this week on Wednesday, February 1 for a new art book titled AFTER DARK. It wil be 120 pages of naughty pinups and sexy sketches featuring the main characters from my books Strangers In Paradise, Echo, Motor Girl and Parker Girls. Naturally Katchoo leads the group and she adorns the cover for three different editions: a softcover, a hardcover, and a Limited Edition Hardcover that is available on through this campaign. So when you see three different covers of Katchoo in a chair as the night progresses—green, yellow, red—you’re looking at the covers unique to each edition—softcover, hardcover, Limted hardcover.

This campaign will run the whole of February to March 3. We’re hoping to raise $29k to cover the cost of printing the book(s). If we raise more, it opens tiers of extras and goodies, new merchandise and original art!

There’s still time to sign up for notification when the campaign opens. There’s no comittment with sign-up, it just gives you the chance to be one of the first people to open the page on Wednesday and scope it out. So please sign up and help us spread the word. You’re the only PR person we have and we believe in you. I personally think you should get raise, too. Let’s talk about it after the campaign. 😉

Click HERE to go straight to our Kickstarter for Terry Moore AFTER DARK.