With Five Years finally complete, we have the 2nd trade paperback at the printer now. Titled Stalemate, it contains issue 6-10 and the stunning conclusion to a global spy thriller that brought all my books together into one story.Trust me, you do not want to miss the end of this very dangerous and lethal (hint, hint) story! This story has consequences for everyone (HINT HINT!) OMG, just read the book before I have to hit you over the head with the HINTs! Look for Stalemate to hit stands and our webshop on August 5.

The Omnibus is at the printer and here’s what you can expect: a softcover and a hardcover, plus the Limited Edition version that went up for pre-order last week and sold out in 8 hours (thank you for that!). The retail versions will hit stores on Sept. 7. Whichever version you get, the contents are the same: 240 pages collecting all 10 issues of the series, plus the cover art, plus a 10 page sketchbook section featuring pencil sketches of Francine, Katchoo, Lilith and Zoe in candid moments. I really love this book and I hope you’ll check it out when it hits the stands and our webshop in September!