First, we want to wish everyone good health. Nothing is more important than that during this catastrophic situation. Stay home and stay healthy.

As you know we are an independent publisher and have no safety net from a big corporation to help us get us through this challenging time. It is Robyn and me making this train go. We need the comic shops to sell our books and they need us to provide books for their customers. It’s a win/win until something breaks. Because of the closure of Diamond Comic Distributors we have no way of getting our comics and trade paperbacks to the comic shops. We’re hurting and the comic shops are hurting. 

We are offering all retailers a wholesale discount if they order directly from us for as long as necessary. We want you to get through this intact and we want to continue to publish comics. If you are interested in placing an order for any of our books you can contact Robyn at [email protected] or through our website.  P.S. Five Years #9 is available now!

To our amazing readers, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and so appreciate your kind words of encouragement. We will continue to reach out to you on social media and through our site with updates. We can’t imagine getting through this without you.

Hang in there! I’m working on the final issue of Five Years in hopes that I can sign your copy, in person, at a convention!

Wash your hands!