The Strangers in Paradise Omnibus arrived safely and we’ve shipped out all the pre-orders. How’s THAT for a good news update?! Robyn and I are thrilled it worked out and the books are gorgeous and all the hard work to make it happen was worth it. Thank you to everyone who faithfully invested in this with your preorders. You were very important to the process and we could not have done it without you. We take your trust and support very seriously. Now we’re holding the books in our hand, I feel it is the result of many people coming together to make it happen. So cool.

Today being Dec. 11, the new issue of Five Years hits the stands today. Issue 6 has a deceptively simple cover; the story inside is deep—reaching all the way back to Echo—and it marks the return of SIP fan favorite, Casey! Fearless, affectionate… the only person we know who isn’t afraid of Tambi Baker. Good grief!