With the XXV series complete, you know two things are going to happen. 1) We’re going to put out a trade paperback of the last half of the series. 2) And we’re going to collect the entire series in an omnibus.

So issues 6-10 have been collected into a second TPB titled Hide And Seek. It’s 120 pages with an art gallery in the back. Hide And Seek will be in stores early March. Price is $15.99. And dare I say… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 🙂

If you’ve been Omnibus-Waiting, the time is nigh! The entire series has been collected into a 232 page book with an art gallery in the back. There are two versions coming to stores in April, a softcover and a hardcover. The covers are different so you can tell them apart.

$29.99 softcover (above)

$39.99 hardcover (above)

We also made an Abstract Studio Limited Edition Omnibus. This is not for retail, no ISBN was assigned, no price on the cover. They come with a signed and numbered bookplate and an exclusive print of Francine and Katchoo. We’ve done this for all our series so now there are folks who are collecting these special editions. Man I love that. This edition was limited to 600. Price $45. It went up for sale on our website store and sold out in 3 days. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you probably saw the commotion. I don’t know how else to reach readers, so I hope you saw it and got one if you wanted it. I’m very grateful for the support of readers who buy any of my books. If you haven’t been following me on one of those social media sites, please consider it so I can keep you up to date on things like this. Sometimes things happen so fast they come and go in one day, like sketches for sale or special offers.

$45 Limited Edition (above)

With the Omnibus wrapped up and headed to customers and stores, I’m now looking forward. Tuesday I will announce the next series, and it’s the biggest project I’ve ever taken on.