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That’s right, 5 stars to the 10th power. This comic is more than recommended, it’s necessary… to life, the universe and everything. I know it’s a lot of pressure, but for every door that closes the tough get going. Or something like that.

Post-Tour Report

So you know 2018 was our 25th Anniversary in comics. The first issue came out in November 1993. To mark the occasion, we brought back SIP in this new series that I hope you’re reading, we put out a collection of my best sketches and of course, the monster book from Graphitti Designs, the Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition. I love all these books. We also went to 17 conventions in the US and Canada to meet readers and get these new books in as many hands as possible. It was quite a summer, flying around the US, working the shows, running home for brief stints to draw another issue and get it to the printer before racing back to the airport. Our final show of the year was NYCC and I’m happy to say we ended the tour on a high note. We dragged our bags home tired but grateful for the unique life we live. Thank you everyone for my career and the creative life I get to lead.

I have to mention one other recent highlight. The 2018 Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook featured the work of 75 artists and their renditions of my characters from SIP. This blew my mind and left me a bit speechless the entire show as one attendee after another brought their copy by the table to be signed. I was able to meet many of the artists who contributed but not everyone. I can never thank them enough, and the organizers, for this once in a lifetime honor. I was absolutely humbled by your kindness.

If you’d like to buy a copy of this beautiful book, go here. Highly Recommended.

So, time to get back to the drawing table and issue 8. Anything I would say next is spoilers so…