The omnibus is at the bindery today and Patrick sent us some sneak peek spy photos. This is a good look at the post-print process. You wanna see?

Oh and yes, you can still order the Limited Edition Omnibus direct from our website here.

The hardcover edition destined for stores everywhere on the planet. If we can get another planet interested, we’ll send it there, too.

The softcover edition, stacked and ready to box by the billions.

The hardcovers stacked and ready to box. Look at those pristine corners and spines.

Placing the bookplate into the Motor Girl Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition (back cover up) stacked and ready for shrink wrap.

Shrink wrapping the Limited Edition.

#307 in his seat, ready for the journey to a new home and owner of a very exclusive Limited Edition club.

A box of Limited Edition Omnibus ready to go.