The Motor Girl Omnibus will hit shelves and ComiXology in March. The 200 page book comes as in hardcover or softcover and features not only every page of the 10-issue series, but also a 12-page sketch gallery. I really love this book and reader response to Samantha’s story has been more than I could hope for. I can’t wait to have this omnibus in my hands and read the story straight through. Sometimes i suspect I make these these books just so I can read them myself!

Please let your favorite comic book shop know you want this book, they order according to demand so it really makes a difference if you say something. Or you can read the story online at ComiXology. Or you order the book direct from us on our web shop. Whatever you choose, get your copy of the new Motor Girl Omnibus in March!

below: Motor Girl Hardcover  $39.99

below: Motor Girl Softcover  $29.99