2017 Sketchbook is coming!

The 2017 Sketchbook goes to the printer today. 24 pages of my best sketches & prelims from the last year of penciling adventures. Look for it in the webstore VERY SOON!


Original Motor Girl Art For Sale

I like to sell my art so that it will be in loving homes across the planet rather than collected in my studio where one lightning bolt could erase my life’s work. I’ve read too many artist biographies that have a chapter about the night the studio caught fire, or said artist went on a bender and decided he should burn it all and become a nun.

So, with that in mind, all my art is for sale. If you see a page in my books you might like to have for your own, email us and we’ll let you know if it’s available. To keep the door open, we always keep some art posted online in our store just as a reminder. So the store might have 40 or 50 pages posted for sale, but those listings are also invitations to talk to us about any page I’ve ever drawn. I can’t post them all because it would crash the interwebbernet thingy.


So today I’ve brought these two pages from Motor Girl 3 to Show And Tell. Not just because they are charming moments between Samantha and Mike, but because they explain the basic idea of the entire story in one brief conversation. I won’t say any more because it’s not my place to explain my own stuff—hopefully the story isn’t THAT obtuse. But, both pages are in the store, for sale, and there’s more there to look at. Feel free to browse and see what the originals look like. And if you like one, email the lovely and talented Robyn, Keeper of the Pages.  She’ll be happy to work with you.

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Subscription to Motor Girl!

This is a repost from yesterday because we had a glitch with the checkout phase of the subscription. That’s fixed now and we’re ready for you!

Due to popular demand—really!—we are now offering a subscription to Motor Girl. Sign up now and your subscription will include issues 4 through 10. Click HERE for the link.

Due to the expense of using the post office these days, and the fluctuating prices, we can only offer this subscription inside the USA.

Motor Girl 6 Cover Art

Just drew the cover for Motor Girl 6. I know you must be wondering why, when issues 4 and 5 haven’t even come out yet. The answer is because I have to solicit each issue in the distributor catalog months in advance and it’s 6’s turn. Well, okay then.

So here’s a look at the line art before it goes to Steve Hamaker to be rendered in glorious technicolor. Steve has a routine of working while live-streaming on Twitch. I highly recommend watching him work, it’s fascinating. I always login and watch, just to answer any questions he may have. It doesn’t seem to take him long, but he is a master. He sends up an alert on Twitter when he’s online.

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Is that a screaming headline or what? I did it just like the car magazines: FIRST LOOK AT THE 2017 FORD EXPLODER! They seem to sell a lot of cars by screaming so I thought I’d raise my voice to give you a heads-up about the Motor Girl shirt we’ve designed. We (well okay, Robyn and I) love the 3rd issue cover, so we’re going with that as our iconic image Motor Girl image for the year. The shirt will be made by our friends at Graphitti Designs and will be available in a month or so, exclusively through them and us, your lovable Abstract Studio.

And carrying on with the car promotional routine… SPECS: Our shirts are high quality Beefy-T’s, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Price is $17.99. (XXXL add $1.)

And now the plucky motto that needs to stick in your head: SEE THE USA IN A MOTOR GIRL TSHIRT! (show happy family with a happy golden retriever, all wearing the shirts, and laughing uncontrollably)


New Art For Sale

We just posted new pages of original art from Motor Girl 2 & 3 in the store. These pages are ink on 2-ply Strathmore Bristol, size 11 X 16 inches. Sometimes you can see edits and changes on the page, done with white out or removable labels that I redraw or re-letter onto. This stage of the process is wonderfully old fashion and I enjoy it so much. Once a page like this is done though, it’s all state-of-the-art steps to finish: scanning the art on a large hi-res scanner into Photoshop for tweeking and cleaning, then putting the pages together in InDesign for the book, save the book as a hi-res PDF that I then FTP to the printer who sends me a PDF proof within a couple of hours and I approve via email and BAM! it goes to press on a large 1 million dollar machine, is stapled on an old fashion machine, boxed by hand, trucked to Diamond Distributors warehouse in Memphis, sorted by hand for orders, then trucked to stores all over the country where wise comics folk with good taste lovingly put the new issue on the shelf and recommend it to every person who enters the premises. So each of these pages has quite a history. Offering them back to the people who read my stories is magic in that these pages end up in homes all over the world. How wonderful that is to think about, and it assures me that the pages will survive, that they won’t ALL be in one place when a fire breaks out or something (lots of artists bios have an awful studio fire story).

So, I love my pages but I want you to have them. Like a violin maker and his handmade instruments, my pages are my creative children but I have to let them go out into the world because that’s part of the reason why you make art to begin with. So check out the Motor Girl original art listings and see if one my kids speak to you. It would be my honor for you to have one.

Motor Girl #2, page 4.