Motor Girl 7

Motor Girl 7 hit the stands Wednesday. I’ve been hearing from readers who were moved by the latest chapter of Sam’s story. It means the world to me when readers care about my characters. What more can a writer ask for? Since the issue just came out, I won’t comment on the story—no spoilers here—but I want you know I hear you and I’m grateful. You inspire me to keep working. Wait… was that your plan all along? Hmm.

Did you notice the cover is drawn with pencil and not inked? I do that sometimes to achieve a more organic look. I did it a lot in Rachel Rising because that world was so earthy. When you draw with pencil, the forms are comprised of a million tiny grains of lead. The pencil is like a magic molecule stylus, leaving a tail of carbon specks in its wake. If you’re drawing with nature and physics in mind, you’re reluctant to cover that with ink and erase the softer natural lead lines underneath. That’s like destroying a rose to make a plaster cast of it.

So, yeah, sometimes I stay with the pencil and hand it over to my buddy Steve Hamaker to color as is. Steve is a true artist in every sense, a wonderful cartoonist and storyteller in his own right (see PLOX). And he is a master painter with Photoshop. He’s also taller than me and has all his hair, which really pisses me off, but I’m above it, ain’t I? (BBC joke :))

So I’m already working feverishly on issue 8 and making a sketch a day for San Diego Comic-Con. Just a couple of weeks to go and everybody in the business is scrambling like mad to prepare for the biggest show of the year. I’ll post again soon with a listing of some of the goodies you can expect to find at our booth. We’ll be in the same location we have every year, BOOTH 2109, across from DC Comics.

I’ll be back on the blog soon but for now I have to go draw something!



Germany here we come!

It’s all about Germany this week and the Comic Festival Munchen, courtesy of my wonderful publisher, Schreiber & Leser. I’m really looking forward to going back. Here is a cheat sheet of the schedule. If you just so happen to be strolling around the area this weekend, stop by and say hallo!

Motor Girl 6 May 31!

The new issue of Motor Girl hits the stands nextWednesday. I don’t know what to say about it without risking spoilers, but this is a moving look at a war veteran with PTSD… with some UFO’s and a gorilla thrown into the mix. I’ve devoted myself to Samantha’s story this year and it’s been an honor. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s Hereee: The Motor Girl TPB Real Life

The Motor Girl book is here at last! Collecting the first 5 issues of my new series, Real Life introduces you to Samantha Locklear, a war veteran who has come home to work in a desert junkyard with Mike, her constant companion, who also happens to be a gorilla. Whether or not Mike is real is up for you to decide, but that’s just page one, before the UFO crashes into their yard one night. Click here to buy your copy and find out what happens next in this new collection of Motor Girl!

C2E2 Report

We had a great time in Chicago this weekend. C2E2 is a real comic book show, at least in Artist Alley where we were. Take a look at all the tables in this photo I managed to get from the top of the stairs—there’s no telling how many artists tables are set up down there. More than 3, right? And we were right there in the middle of them on Aisle U, selling books, art, sketches and t-shirts.

My only panel at the show was a fun one: Storytelling on the Page for Artists & Writers, moderated by my friend Buddy Scalera. This was the second time I’ve done such a panel with Buddy and the structure was the same. Another artist and I, in this case Ken Lashley, are given the script for a page in a comic book and asked to rough out the page according to our design sense. Ken does it his way, I do it mine. Then we explain our layout decisions to the room and, in this case, Ken and I also analyzed each other’s version. The class was 90 minutes but it felt like 20 to me. I really enjoyed it. Below you see me explaining away my mistakes. Then you see Ken pointing out my mistakes again——Thank you, Kennnnnnnn. LOL. And finally you see the page I roughed out from the script. It’s a challenge drawing before a room full of creators, let me tell you!

I took a lot of studio sketches to the show and they all found happy homes, so that was nice. It’s like finding homes for a basket of kittens. Now we’re back home safe and sound and tired, but very happy we went to C2E2. I highly recommended this show to all comic artists and I will definitely go back!