TODAY Strangers In Paradise XXV #1 is out!

I’m very excited, today the new SIP series hits stores! I won’t say much about it this early in the day. Just go grab a copy and read it and start this new story with us from the beginning. This is your perfect jumping on point, first issue, new story!

Available in stores worldwide TODAY!

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SIP XXV Subscriptions and a very exclusive perk

I’m bumping this info to make sure you don’t miss out. We are offering subscriptions for the new 2018 Strangers In Paradise XXV series. The cut-off date to get on the subscription list is January 10. After that date, the list is closed, no more subscription requests can be taken.

If you purchase a subscription, you have the option to purchase ONE blank Sketch Cover of SIP XXV #1. This will be a rare version of the #1 issue, limited to our subscribers who purchased and the retailers who received one for every ten SIP XXV #1s ordered. So, only subscribers who opt for it and customers who negotiate a copy from their retailer will end up with these.

Obviously I can’t draw on all the blank Sketch Covers before they go out because I’m working on a deadline with the series. The series gets all my pencil time. So grab a blank copy while you can, have your favorite artist draw on it, draw your own homage to SIP on it or hang on to it and at some point I’ll take commissions on these. I’m not scared, I have a feeling the Sketch Cover club is going to be very exclusive.

Order your subscription here:

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25th Anniversary Sketchbook Hardcover Available NOW

It’s hard to believe but 2018 will be my 25th year in comics. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 25 years because I’m doing what I love, writing and drawing comics. And sketching. Sketching is an important part of the creative process, sort of a midway point between that wispy idea in your brain and the finished art you share with the world.

The 25th Anniversary Sketchbook is 216 pages of my favorite and most influential sketches, from 1993 to present day, collected in one trade paperback. And by influential, I mean that sketches are often the seed to something that later appears in a story, or in my case, inspired an entire series. One sketch spawned the entire Strangers in Paradise series, another sketch inspired Motor Girl. Those drawings, and many others like them, are in this book with my notes and comments.

The 25th Anniversary Sketchbook is available in two versions, softcover and hardcover. The softcover hits stores in early December and sells for $16.99.

The hardcover edition is available only through Abstract Studio. Price is $28.99. The hardcover has an impressive gloss-on-matte cover. It’s a beauty! If you would like this special edition hardcover, place your order HERE.

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