FanExpo Dallas this weekend

Let the 2017 convention season begin! This weekend we go to Dallas for our first comic book convention of the year, FanExpo Dallas. After a long winter hibernation in sunny Houston, I’m really looking forward to it. The last week or so, I’ve drawn a sketch each day to take to the show and posted them on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. (By the way, I’m easy to find on social media, I use the same name everywhere: TerryMooreArt.)

So this weekend I’ll be in Artist Alley at the Dallas show, table P12. Just look for the Motor Girl and Rachel Rising banners. We’re taking books, t-shirts, and original art from the books and new sketches like this pair of familiar ladies:

MOTOR GIRL 5 Finished & At The Printer

I finished MOTOR GIRL 5 at dawn on Monday. It’s at the printer where my “scratching and scribbling and half finished pages at dawn” will be turned into something resembling a real book. Except all the pages are finished on this one. That’s a quote from SIP, btw.
This issue, Walden offers Sam the deal of a lifetime. Literally.

Motor Girl 4 Hits The Stands!

The fourth issue of Motor Girl hit the stands today. I’m loving this series! If you need a copy and don’t have a comic book store nearby that you are loyal to, we can help you get my books in hand. You can order the new issue of Motor and everything else I’ve done at our web store.

And, if you’d like a subscription to Motor Girl, just let us know by clicking here!