Motor Girl #10 is finished and at the printer. This is the final issue in the series, bringing Sam’s story to an end. Look for it in stores in November.

For those looking for the new trade paperback now, the second Motor Girl TPB collecting issues 6-10 is titled No Man Left Behind and will be out in December.

For those asking about a hard or softcover Motor Girl omnibus, the answer is, I’m sure we will at some point but don’t ask me, that’s a Robyn question.

For those suggesting I should win a Nobel Prize for Outstanding Modern Lit in the doodling category, you flatter me. Please, oh my, stop. And their address is PO Box BR5-4949, Stockholm, Sweden.

So Motor Girl is how I spent 2017 and I feel fortunate to be able to make and finish another original comic book series. I’m basically making a living from being eternally 17. Every day I put on the same clothes I wore at 17, eat the same foods and soda, draw comics, play my guitar, and follow pop culture like a hungry bear. And don’t say “all that’s missing is the homework” because I didn’t do my homework then and I don’t do it now. I even get to stare all googly-eyed at the love of my life Robyn every day, the same way I did when we were in high school together. #seriouscrush So, yeah… glad I found something to do with my pencil passion because not a lot of job opportunities for harmless wackos like me in the big boy world. Grateful to you all I am. Thank you for your continued support. I couldn’t do this if not for the people who buy my books and spread the word. I would promise to never grow up, but at some point—one of these years— I’m bound to turn 18 and then who knows what gates of hell will open.

Now it’s time for me to turn my attention to the series I’ll be making in 2018, Strangers In Paradise XXV. That’s XXV as in 25, the number of years since issue 1 came out in 1993. I’ll be talking more about that in future posts. For now, it’s Motor Girl’s moment, so look for the final issue in November. You don’t want to miss it because you know… good stuff. Oh, there you go, talking Nobel again. Stop! Reeeeally! Golly. (PO Box C3P0, Stockholm, Sweden)