It’s time once again for our bi-annual big deal art sale. Robyn has carefully and meticulously gone through our private collection to find the very best and the rarest pages we have from over 24 years of making comics. Strangers In Paradise, Rachel Rising and Motor Girl pages that have never been out of the house will be offered for the first time and I’m hoping they all find good homes around the country and maybe even the world. It’s such an honor when someone invests in my art and adds it to their personal collection or maybe even hangs it in their home. So we go to a lot of care to find and offer only the best we have. Because I’ve been drawing for a lifetime—that’s a lot of books!— it will take numerous art sales to find and offer it all, but I’m glad we have accumulated such an inventory and we’re honored to share it with you.

So find your piggy bank, dig up your money jar and pawn the Winnebago and meet us back here on Tuesday!