Is that a screaming headline or what? I did it just like the car magazines: FIRST LOOK AT THE 2017 FORD EXPLODER! They seem to sell a lot of cars by screaming so I thought I’d raise my voice to give you a heads-up about the Motor Girl shirt we’ve designed. We (well okay, Robyn and I) love the 3rd issue cover, so we’re going with that as our iconic image Motor Girl image for the year. The shirt will be made by our friends at Graphitti Designs and will be available in a month or so, exclusively through them and us, your lovable Abstract Studio.

And carrying on with the car promotional routine… SPECS: Our shirts are high quality Beefy-T’s, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Price is $17.99. (XXXL add $1.)

And now the plucky motto that needs to stick in your head: SEE THE USA IN A MOTOR GIRL TSHIRT! (show happy family with a happy golden retriever, all wearing the shirts, and laughing uncontrollably)